Tracking in person means the recruitment, transportation, purchase, sale, transfer, harboring or receipt of persons by threat or use of violence, abduction, force, fraud, deception or coercion, or debt bondage for the purpose of placing or holding such person, whether for pay or not, in forced labor or slavery like practices, in a community other than one in which such persons lived at the time of the original act described as above.

Large number of girls from various parts of the State comes to Chennai chasing glamour of cinema world as well as employment opportunities. Many of them end up working as sex workers.

Chennai is a place of attraction to young women and girls. A large no. of girls from the State of A.P. is also engaged in Sex Work. They are either trafficked with a promise of cinema chances or for a lucrative income as residential servant maid. It is also suspected that a large number of women and girls are trafficked from different parts of T.N. and Mumbai. more...