The Dell Computer Center was inaugurated at the ASSET – ICWO Head Office.

Present on the occasion were Mr. Simon Wong, Vice President Mr. T.R. Reid Vice President and Director Corporate Communications, Dell Asia Pacific, Mr. Raghu Rajagopal, CEO Emigrate and Advisor ASSET, Mr. Kunal Garg, Senior Analyst Global Analytics and Advisor ASSET and Mr. A.J Hariharan Founder Secretary, ICWO.

The Center aims to provide basic computer education and specific skill-set training to the children of marginalized community and other underserved segments of society and make them employable.

Inaugurating the Dell Computer Center Mr. Thompson, said, "India has always been home to some of the brightest scientific minds. With the opening of the Dell Computer Center at the ASSET Foundation School, we hope to extend the spirit of scientific experimentation among the underserved children in Chennai and keep alive the scientific temperament that India has come to be associated with".
Welcoming the Dell team, Mr. Ragu Rajagopal said, “The partnership with Dell Foundation is a significant milestone which will help the children of ASSET-ICWO to provide an opportunity to enhance their computer skills and move closer to employment”.

Mr.A.J.Hariharan highlighted that this initiative will give the children an opportunity to learn new skills and seek employment in the IT/BPO sectors which will enhance their quality of life.

About Dell

Dell Inc. listens to customers and delivers innovative technology and services they trust and value. Uniquely enabled by its direct business model, Dell is a leading global systems and services company and No. 34 on the Fortune 500. For more information, visit

About ICWO (Indian Community Welfare Organisation)

ICWO is a non profit, non-governmental organization that focuses on projects pertaining to the marginalized community and other underserved segments of society.

About ASSET (Achieving Sustainable Social Equality through Technology)

ASSET which stands for Achieving Sustainable Social Equality through Technology grew out of the passion of a U.S born Indian young woman to educate and provide better opportunities in life for the children of sex workers. The pilot project is being implemented in Chennai with plans to expand to Bangalore and Hyderabad soon.

The primary mission of the Foundation is to provide computer literacy for education towards alternate livelihood and as a means of AIDS prevention. The program is designed to assist the children to attain a level of education and familiarity with technology that will enable them to free themselves from being chained to the same profession.

About The Dell Foundation

The Dell Foundation was chartered in 1995, and today focuses on equipping youth for the digital world. The Foundation aims to proactively address fundamental prerequisites to the abilities of children to learn and excel in a digitally-drive world. Through grants to organizations addressing health and human services, education and technology access, the Foundation assists the primary communities that Dell calls home.

In India we currently do grant programs with: SOS Children’s Villages - Delhi, Rajpura & Hyderabad, UNNATI - Bangalore, Literacy India - Delhi, Salwan Educational Trust - Delhi, ASSET Foundation - Chennai, The Christel House - Bangalore, The Hope Foundation - Delhi & Hyderabad, The Freedom Foundation - Bangalore, & Rising Star Outreach - Delhi.

Our focus is on equipping youth for life in the digital world in the areas of:

 • Health and human services

 • Math, science, & literacy

 • Connected communities


We Indian community welfare organization a non profit, non governmental organization working for various project in specific focus with women and children. We have organized a children parliament and developed Interactive comic book to create awareness in trafficking, as part of the initiative we have planned to open up a computer training centre with a capacity of 20 computers which will educate 60 children’s in 3 batches. This computer training program was funded by ASSET Foundation (Achieving Sustainable Social Equality through Technology) USA.

Mr. David Feldmann Vice consul, U.S. Consulate General inaugurated the computer training centre on 22nd March 2007 at MMDA Field Office, Arumbakkam, Chennai.

Target group

Children of sex-workers in 11th and 12th grade, 16-17 years old. The children are required to be highly motivated and willing to be devoted and strict. The students should have a certain level of English before they are able to join the computer class.

Computer training

In the computer training the students come to learn how to use Microsoft Office in the first year. The students will be motivated and stimulated to promote conversations in English. A part of the training class will be given in English. After the students master Microsoft Office the will be placed for an internship in an IT-company. Through this internship the students will get experience what it is liked to work in an IT-company, what will be expected from them and which position/tasks they would like the most. The students will also learn which skills still need to be improved or learned. The second year the second year students will monitor the new batch of students. They will learn a lot from this as they have to master and understand Microsoft Office really good to be able to teach other students. They have to become more efficient and confident in their computer skills from 25% to 50% of their study time the students can spend on learning additional skills and improving/practicing skills.

This is a unique project; indeed, the first of its kind in India, which adopts a holistic approach combining important scholarships and educational support, developing life skills to maintain motivation levels, and to integrate the children into society by building their awareness of their human rights:

  • Computer training for the children’s
  • Providing English coaching classes for the children’s
  • Providing financial educational support in addition to educational training
  • Cultural and folk activities
In line with the goals of ASSET FOUNDATION, the project has achieved its objectives.

Goals and objectives of the project

The project goals are to improve the quality of life for children of sex workers (7 – 19 years) and to ensure they enjoy basic human rights. To provide long-term benefits this deals proactively with the root of the problem as opposed to merely reacting to the effects.

To achieve these goals, the following objectives have been set:
  • To provide and strengthen education through computer training classes.
  • Imparting English speaking skills
  • To create a platform to provide cultural and folk skills for the children.
  • Providing educational scholarship for the children’s
Premises & Infrastructure

On February 26 2007 ICWO identified the place for conducting the Computer Classes. It is in the MMDA building in Arumbakkam, Chennai.

ASSET had provided 20 computers for computer education project. ICWO had purchased 20 new computer tables for this project during the month of February 2007.


110 children were identified and out which 60 children (37 girls and 23 boys) between the age group of 15 to 17 years (10th to 12th std students) were selected for the computer training. Priority and preference for availing the computer training was given to the children who showed most interest. They were divided into three batches, each batch had 20 children. It was planned that each batch had to attend the computer classes twice a week. The children were from areas of Vadapalani, Kodambakkam, Liberty & Trustpuram.

Commencing of computer classes

Ms. Padma Selvi, a trained person sent by ASSET conducted the computer training for the children for the initial first month from 1st April 2007 to 20th April 2007

Afterwards Ms.Bhavani appointed by ICWO as a computer faculty on 31st July 2007
Spoken English

In the mean time a teacher Ms.Sumitra, was appointed by ICWO for children spoken English classes. The certain class resembling conducted between 21st April 2007 and 10th June 2007. The daily schedule for the spoken English class was at 03.00pm to 06.00pm under headlining there are explained in the sense of the below.

The topics taught during the spoken English classes were:

 • Basic grammar
     1) Nouns & pronouns
     2) Adjective & adverb
     3) Verb
     4) Active voice and Passive voice
     5) Preposition
     6) Conjunction
 • Vocabulary learning
 • Conversation
 • Parts of speech
 • Basic presentation

Feedback of the performance
  • The children felt very happy and expressed that ICWO has given them an opportunity to operate computer through this ASSET project.
  • The children said that their quality of life would improve if more trainings on computer are given to them.
  • They were very proud that they were able to understand and reply during the interview conducted by APTECH. This was the impact of the spoken English classes
  • They expressed that they are very much grateful to ICWO and ASSET for giving them such a good opportunity.
As per the information received from the funding agency through email, ICWO contacted Mr.Ramki, Asst. General Manager-APTECH regarding the continuation of computer education for the children. ICWO has forwarded an email regarding the discussion with Mr.Ramki about the computer courses.

If ASSET agrees for the computer courses discussed with Mr.Ramki-APTECH, ICWO will take initiatives to monitor the children in the span of three years for the job placements of the children by providing proper counseling for them.