Innovative Efforts by ICWO
    1. Talking Condom
    2. Go for Gold Contest
    3. Gee Boom Ba (Condom Memory Contest)
    4. Condom Joke Contest
    5. Secret Magic Slate
    6. Mayamillai Manthiramillai
    7. Operation Clean Sweep
    8. World Largest Water Condom
    9. Display of Huge Condom Banner
    10. Signature Campaign
    11. Display of World Smallest AIDS Message
    12. Cricket Tournament for Female Sex workers in Chennai
    13. Foot Ball Tournament for PLHIV in Chennai
    14. World Friendship Day for PLHIV in Chennai
    15. Kitchen Queen Contest for PLHIV in Chennai
    16. Valentines day for PLHIV in Chennai
    17. International Day against Drug abuse and Illegal Trafficking program involving Pimps & Brokers
    18. Campaign on Anti Trafficking (International Girl Child Day)
    19. Abstinence Campaign on International Youth Day
    20. HIV/AIDS Anthem (Tamil & English Audio CD)
    21. 20/20 Cricket Match for Politician V/s PLHIV in Chennai
    22. Pudhiathoar Pongal for PLHIV in Chennai
    23. Water Yoga for PLHIV
    24. Food Bank for Women & Children living with HIV
    25. “Ride for Rights” Bike Rally
    26. Blow the whistle campaign for MSM
    27. Miss India Contest for Transgender 2009
    28. Utilizing the World Cup Football Fever to Provide education on STI/HIV/AIDS & safer sexual behaviour"
    29. Intercollegiate AIDS Gana Contest

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