The following measures are being adopted in addition to the programs:

Around 250 children of sex workers been awarded educational scholarship from other donors.

`Puthiya Pathai`
is a program initiated in November 1999, aims at supporting sex workers who are willing to give up their profession. About twenty women have been successfully rehabilitated and funds have been provided to them to undertake alternate employment.

`Thrift Society for Sex Workers` The Thrift Society is first of its kind in South India and was started in March 1999 aiming to encourage saving habit among sex workers. The profit from the society has been spent to educate the children of sex workers.

The society consists of a five board of directors from the target community (sex workers) and the office bearers are elected every two years. About ninety two members have registered in the society so far. The members of the society are eligible for loan after six months of their enrollment.

Initiating Collective of Male & Female Sex workers

Indira Female Peer Educator’s Collective (IFPEC):
ICWO has initiated a Collective of Sex worker named Indira Female Peer Educators Collective (IFPEC) which aims at preventing trafficking of young girls and women being trafficked for sexual exploitation mobilize government resources, identify alternate employment for the sex workers who wish to take to alternate jobs, organize medical camps for sex workers and address police atrocities against sex workers. This was initiated in January 2003.

Men Community Development Society (MCDS): ICWO has initiated a collective of Homosexual Men named Men Community Development Society (MCDS) which aims for education and to address the issues of Homosexual men in Chennai. It will address violation against homosexual men and address issues related to stigma and discrimination of Homosexual me and provide support for need-based issues among homosexual men.