The main focus in future will be to educate the children of sex workers and provide them with opportunities to better their circumstances. Plans are being made to organise and motivate sex workers to fight for their rights as a group, which will enable them to improve their quality of life.

It aims to:
  • Provide educational support for 1000 children of sex workers.
  • Support children infected and affected with HIV / AIDS with supplimentary nutritious food.
  • Hold planning meet to identify and develop strategies to combat trafficking of women and children.
  • Identify comprehensive plan to rehabilitate sex workers.
  • Impart art skills to children of sex workers to overcome the stigma attached to them.
  • Generate financial support for IFPEC, a collective of sex workers.
  • Display world's smallest message on AIDS.
As can be seen from this write-up the task is enormous and the road difficult. Constraints are many, but the end result makes the fight worthwhile. We hope that we will obtain support from all like-minded people and organisations who, like us, are striving to help people who are in unfortunate circumstances.